Precise location information for emergency calls

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Precise location information for emergency calls

ConneXon of Montreal are market leaders in North America for the provision of location identification solutions for IP-PBX deployments.

In response to growing demands for similar enhanced 999 solutions in the UK ConneXon have launched a UK Emergency Routing Service that enables organisations with IP-PBX networks to deploy a cost-effective solution for providing accurate and reliable 999 location information.

This addresses the Health & Safety and Corporate Liability risks associated with the presentation of misleading 999 location information.

The basic ConneXon Emergency Routing Service requires no additional on-site equipment and can be implemented by on most IP-PBXs by reconfiguring 999 call routing within the IP-PBX and assigning CLIs to 999 calls that reference the caller’s site location.

The ConneXon Emergency Routing Service is described at this link.

Emergency Gateway Appliance

However, if an organisation requires greater granularity in emergency location information (eg room, floor and building information in addition to the site postal address) and/or better management of emergency call situations then the ConneXon Emergency Gateway appliance would be required.

The main function of the Emergency Gateway is to establish the precise location of the caller and then route the call either to the public emergency services via the ConneXon Emergency Routing Service or to an appropriate internal safety desk. However, the Emergency Gateway also provides a number of value added features to assist the on-site emergency response.

One notable feature is the ability to alert key personnel via email and SMS text message that an emergency is taking place in the area for which they are responsible. The message would also include the precise location of the caller. This can be invaluable in ensuring a rapid reponse to an emergency where seconds are vital.

A good example of this would be alerts to staff that are trained in the use of strategically located defibrillators and who have responsibility for providing first-aid in a designated area.

Other added-value features of the Emergency Gateway include:

  • internal safety desk alerts with notification of location and call monitoring;
  • emergency call recording
  • alert and notification profiles based on caller location
  • call-back to caller’s phone, or one or more nearby phones
  • alternative dial plans for multiple emergency numbers (eg 999, 112, 222, 555 etc)
  • support for off-net callers
  • reporting and management tools

The ConneXon Emergency Gateway is certified by leading PBX vendors such as Cisco, Avaya, Aastra & Shoretel and will also integrate with Microsoft Lync.

Click here for a description of ConneXon’s comprehensive enhanced 999 solution comprising the Emergency Routing Service and the Emergency Gateway.

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